Peccioli: Between art and culture

Peccioli, in the province of Pisa, dominates from the top of its hill the Era valley along the line that leads from Volterra to Pisa, and it is a place with a strong agricultural and tourist vocation.

  • Archaeological Museum

    Museo Archeologico

    The Archaeological Museum was inaugurated in 2004 for the conservation of the numerous finds from the Etruscan archaeological site of Ortaglia, a few kilometres from Peccioli.

  • Icons Museum and Donation of Vito Merlini

    Museo Icone e Donazione Merlini

    The museum complex includes the Palazzo Pretorio, which houses the engravings and lithographs collection (donation of Vito Merlini): 279 sheets between etchings, lithographs, woodcuts and silk-screen prints dating back to the 20th century.

  • Religious Art Museum

    Museo d'Arte Sacra

    The museum is housed in the Romanesque parish church of San Verano, inside the chapel of the Assunta, built from 1580. Inside you can admire the most significant works of the territory.

  • The Bell Tower

    La Torre  Campanaria

    The engineer and architect from Pontedera Luigi Bellincioni (1842 - 1929) built the Peccioli’s bell tower in 1885. Completed in 1898 and 42 meters high, it is covered by a dark bush-hammered stone.

  • The Tabernacle of Benozzo Golozzi and his Reproduction

    Riproduzione Tabernacolo Benozzo

    The Chapel of Santa Caterina in Legoli houses the Tabernacle of Benozzo Gozzoli painted in 1480. Its reproduction is near the street that leads to the Amphitheatre of Fonte Mazzola in Peccioli.

  • The "Presences"


    The "Presences" are four gigantic sculptures firstly placed inside the waste disposal and treatment plant of Legoli and later become itinerant installations.

  • Nature Trails

    Percorsi Naturalistici

    The municipality of Peccioli offers the possibility to venture into six interesting nature trails marked by vertical and horizontal signs (white and red).